Here are some of the reasons why more and more companies & residential complexes are investing in robust RWH Systems for their premises:

Municipal Corporation

Municipal Corporation has made it mandatory for new building construction projects to implement RWH using modern techniques.

Vee Wire Filter Screen

Vee Wire Filter Screen is used by us for recharging the aquifers. This is an advanced technology introduced to r echarge the groundwater and it’s one of most effective techniques used by our reputed Client-Partners.

The Injection of Rainwater

The injection of rainwater into deeper aquifer increases the groundwater table. This is one of the technologies used to fight global warming.

Installations of RWH Systems

The drinking water requirement in metropolitan cities are very high, and the amount of water used for secondary purposes is even higher. Installations of RWH Systems can help in delivering maximum water supply to every household. This is a great way to deal with the growing scarcity of water.

Make Your Premises Independent

When there is cut-off of Municipal water in societies, industrial buildings or factories, they are fully dependent on Tanker water and other out-sources. By installing RWH system, you can make your premises independent and self-sustaining.

Beneficial Effect

Using Rainwater has a beneficial effect on reducing Stormwater run-off. Being naturally soft, Rainwater is ideal for many purposes and is especially a boon for hard water prone areas.

An Efficient RWH System

The cases in which RWH system failures are reported are the ones that were not well-maintained or were wrongly implemented (using incorrect processes or poor-quality materials). By availing expert services of consultants & contractors like AEL Engineers, you can have an efficient RWH system in place.


The techniques used of Rainwater Harvesting differs from region to region as the sub-soil Groundwater table and the Soil conditions vary in every part of the country (sometimes even within cities). Water scarce regions can benefit tremendously with RWH system installations.

Water Accumulated

Water accumulated through RWH systems can be integrated with diverse water channels like drainage systems, drinking water pipelines, garden irrigation systems etc. There are many ways to regularly monitor, filter and clean Ground Water or RWH-acquired roof top water.


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